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after what happened with Kaede in his Student Presidents office, Elizabeth and Alicia goes back to class continues their lessons with every boys lustful eyes locked on to them throughout the day.

::[Monday - After School]::
As the school bell rings for the end of the day, the sun has already began to set when Elizabeth and Alicia went back into Kaede's office for how they became girls and how they are stuck in this mess. When the two girls made it to the door, they gave 3 soft knocks on the fancy wooden door and then Kaede invites them in while closing the door behind him. "So... let us continue where we left off Connard and Wallace..." Kaede begins to speak in a more serious manner that can scare even the toughest of punks in the school. "Begin to tell me why you two are girls when clearly you were boys the time I saw you leave school on the Friday of last week before the weekend." Kaede directs the question to both of them. "Well you see...." Elizabeth starts out but is at a lost for words because Connard was never good at talking with Kaede "we were sleeping and then when we woke up we were girls.." Elizabeth not even sure why she made up that lie continues to speak. "I mean, Wallace was a girly boy anyway so it makes sense if he turned into a girl but not sure why I-" Kaede stops Elizabeth in mid sentence and begins to speak "if you do not wish to tell me I understand but I'm only here to help any students that are in trouble. If you have anything to say then speak it out so I can find a way to help" as he says in a more gentle manner. "The truth is is that we went to that old mansion during the night and we found this stone which turned into a girl. Connard wouldn't stop being mean to her so she changed him into a girl as well as myself" Alicia says back to Kaede diverting her eyes away.
      "....... I see." Kaede says. "I want to meet this girl then so I can see how to sort this out." as he gets more serious again and rises from his seat. Elizabeth walks behind Kaede and places her hands and his shoulders and places him back in his seat. "I don't think that would be a good idea...." Elizabeth nervously sweats while Alicia agrees. "Yeah, What would happen if something happened to you? We cant let that happen sense your our president." Alicia says directly to Kaede. Kaede sighs then looks out the window at the setting orange sky to calm himself down. "Fine... if you ever need anything you can also come back to me for help... we are fiends aren't we?" Elizabeth and Alicia both says yes at the same time and Kaede walks them both out to the front gates of the school and says goodbye to them and see them again tomorrow. As the two girls walk back through the forest to get to the mansion, they thought they seen something in the darkness but both agreed it was just their imagination as they hurried back to the mansion. The Sky is now a dark black color with stars filling up the sky when the two are almost at the mansion when they thought they heard the sound again. "W-Who's there!" Elizabeth nervously speaks out to whatever is near them.
      "MEhHUhuhuHahHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA" they hear a Laugh that sent chills down their spines and decide to run back to the mansion. Before Elizabeth and Alicia got to the the door something dropped in front of them. The shadowy figure looked wolf like in appearance with the most creepy smile on its face with its eyes glowing red. "WHeR DO yOu ThINk yoU GirLS aRe GOInG!??? Heehhh... hehh. HA.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The laugh rings throughout the woods while Elizabeth and Alicia have nothing to defend themselves with. When the Wolf creture was about to strike, a Yellow beam hits the wolf creature dead center and wrap around it immobilizing him from moving. Olivia drops down from the roof carrying a sword and a staff in her hands. "no time to explain!" Olivia shouts and stuffs the sword in Elizabeth's hands and the staff in Alicia's hands. Olivia then starts to chant a weird spell which makes the weapons glow a soft golden color.
    "Ohh weapons of the old ancient war.... I give rise to new masters to combat the demon forces once again..... So slay the Darkness with your Golden Light!" As soon as Olivia finishes her chant, the golden light now covers Elizabeth and Alicia from head to toe. When the light fades away, the girls are now wearing different clothes then before. Elizabeth is wearing a one piece armor suit that shows off all of her curves with slender armor boots and gloves and a big yellow scarf around the neck while Alicia has a flowing robe made of silk that shines with a golden light that goes up to her waist and with flowing sleeves and has sandals that wrap around her legs going up to her knees. "W-What happened to us! .... and why am I wearing this?!" Elizabeth face glows red with embarrassment while Alicia also checks out her new clothes. "now take the sword, which was crafted by a great and kind king, and they the Monster with its golden blade While you Alicia, Take up your staff, which was carved from a ancient tree and used by the greatest mage ever , and cast out spells to assault your enemies or to heal your allies..." Olivia kneels down on the ground panting from exhaustion.
   "I can do at lease this for you sense you practically saved our lives now stay safe while we finish this pup over here." Elizabeth says back to Olivia and raises her sword at the Monster which broke out of the prison it was in due to the lack of energy. The Wolf Monster rushes at Alicia but Elizabeth blocks his claws with the blade and pushes him back. The Monster rushes back in right at Elizabeth and upper cuts in her stomach making her lose her breath. "Wh-What am I suppose to do!" Alicia cries out. "t-think o-of something in your m-mind and picture it doing something to what you want it to do..." Olivia says then lays on the ground tired. "O-ok then...." Alicia pictures the Wolf Monster getting struck down by lightning and just then the staff glows and a magic circle forms around Alicia and lighting strikes down at the monster. The Monster cries is pain as he gets tossed into a tree then slowly gets back up on his feet covered in blood all over his arm with some hair burned off. Elizabeth slowly gets back up and wants to slash the monster it bits then suddenly Elizabeth gets covered in a gentle golden glow and then blade turns into pure light. Elizabeth see that this is her chance and rushes at the wolf monster and slashes it across the chest.
   The wolf monster cries in much pain while the light covers its body then disappears with the Monster and Elizabeth and Alicia falls to the ground tired and wonted to know what has happened. But for right now, Olivia needs to rest because she is in no condition to speak right now. So Elizabeth take Olivia back to their room ion the mansion and decides to go to sleep as well.

What was that monster and where did it come from with what purpose? Why did Elizabeth and Alicia transform and gain these powers? Only Olivia knows and she can tell them all the next morning.... until next time.

::To Be Continued::
Here is the next part to the story! I hope to have made it longer then before because I noticed my stories kept on getting shorter with each chapter so I hope this works.

Now I'm convinced.... I need to make like a manga to this or something
dragoon465 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
dragoon465 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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