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In a Bedroom inside of a grand castle that resides in a city surrounded by a ocean and forest. A girls voice can be heard throughout the castle.

Princess Hanayuki: Ahhhhhh! I'm so sick of all this formality and proper stuff!

Princess Hanayuki (花幸)(Flower Happiness) is a beautiful young girl with flowing hair that was born in the royal family but ever sense she turned 11 years old not to long ago, she has been refusing to do anything proper lately and runs off somewhere outside of the castle. Her childhood friend which was arranged by their parents when they were small to make sure she has someone to play with as well as take care of her gets dragged into everything she does as well.

Ryoshin: My lady, please, you've got to stop running away from the castle. You know nobody likes it when you do that. What would happen if you were to disappear?

Ryoshin (亮晋) (Brightness Advancing) is a young boy with the same age of the princess who always worry about her well being and tries to prevent her from getting hurt from outside the castle. Although he is very good, he can be stubborn some times. He also gets mixed up with being the princesses twin brother from time to time because of how much they look alike.

Princess Hanayuki: But I want to do things other then whatever this stuffy old castle tells me too do!

as she flops back and forth on her bed that was just remade not too long ago.

Ryoshin: Then what do you want to do outside of the castle that's more important then fulfilling your duties?

Princess Hanayuki: I don't know. Maybe travel around the world or something.... I just don't know! Just something besides being caged up here!

Ryoshin: Don't you know how dangerous the outside can be with all the wild monsters loose? Like I said, what would happen if you were to disappear on us?

Princess Hanayuki: Then how about this? let me travel around outside for about a week or so and If I hate it then I'll continue my duties as a.... "princess".... and if I love it then deal with it.

Ryoshin: What?! Didn't you hear me how dangerous it is outside? You don't even know how to fight as far as I know. Another thing, what would the castle do without you? You can't expect them to not notice you being gone for about a week.

as Ryoshin panics as he wonders what would happen to the castle if she were to fall in battle and what his punishment would be if he let her perish on the outside.

Princess Hanayuki: See this is why your such a worrywart, its not like I'm heading off into the mountains. I'm just going into the nearby forest that's not to far off from the castle. So no worries! And.....

The princess grins at Ryoshin and laughs under her breath making Ryoshin worry and get a bad feeling of whats going to happen.

Ryoshin: Every time you tell me not to worry, I worry...... And I don't like what ideas are filling your head...

As he kinda gets the feeling of whats going to happen.

Princess Hanayuki: Ohhh come on! its only for a week! You can do at lease this much right? You've obviously went through a lot worse situations then this.

Ryoshin: That's the problem. It might be easy to pull off but if I get caught, things will go downhill really fast and you would probably get locked inside the castle with extra teachings if that were to happen.

Princess Hanayuki: Then you don't get caught! We will start this early in the morning by the way so be prepared. You got that?

Ryoshin sighs as he no longer has a say so in her plan and has to go along with it.

Ryoshin: Alright.....

As the morning comes, a little bit pass about 3am, Hanayuki wakes Ryoshin up in his room and drags him to her room. Ryoshin is still dazed and tired from the sudden wake up until he remembered about her plan. Ryoshin notices that Hanayuki is now wearing some cloth leather clothes and she suddenly puts on a fancy velvet hooded robe with a small dagger, a club, and a bag with food in it that would at lease last for 5-6 days.

Princess Hanayuki: Alright, time to put on your disguise!

As the princess says in a quiet voice while she proceeds to take off his clothes. While stripped down to nothing, she grabs a small book on her shelf that's called "Elementary Magic for Novices" and chants a couple of spells. First spell made his hair as long as the princess's hair. The second spell gave him a small chest like hers as well as removing any parts that made him a man. and the third spell made his face that of a cute girls as well as a cute soft voice. Ryoshin was surprised by the outcome that he didn't know what to say while Hanayuki just laughs under her breath again.

Princess Hanayuki: Hahaha~ You look so cute, just like me! I guess this magic spells book from the magic teacher really does work. Too bad its just the novice edition otherwise I would make myself look really sexy! hahaha~ Alright lets get to work.

The princess begins to put clothes on the newly transformed Ryoshin as he is still embarrassed to even look at himself. After getting him dressed up to looking just like her, she said her farewells and that she will be back soon as soon as she runs out of her supplies. She also takes the magic novice book just in case if she need to use some spells. As morning comes, one of the other maids came in to wake up the princess.

Maid #1: Lady Hanayuki, its time to get up. Make sure your ready for your lessons today.

Ryoshin(Princess): Alright.... just give me a minute....

Maid #1: That's good too hear. We don't want you running off again.

The maid walks off leaving Ryoshin under the disguise as the princess to get ready for the lessons which should be for the princess. Ryoshin begins with the basic that any young princess would have to deal with like with the proper walking and history lessons, its a lot tougher then Ryoshin thought as he managed to complete it although he thought it would of been easier after watching the princess do it time after time again. Although he did understand why she didn't want to do it but it was still apart of her duties like a servant to a master. After all the lessons were done at it was night time, Ryoshin decides to take a bath. The "bath" was like a huge indoor round pool that goes up to your neck, by Ryoshins standards, goes up above the head so he always went to the shallow side till he got older.

Ryoshin(princess): This feels so much different then being together with all the other butlers around the mansion.... Its pretty much all to myself.... hmmm....

Ryoshin sits for a few minutes and finally decides to check out his new body while still feeling really embarrassed about the fact he is now a girl.

Ryoshin(princess): everything is so soft and delicate.... I wonder if all girls feel this way... But..... Everything is still childish until the body goes into puberty which transforms the girls body into something beautiful like a flower in the spring after a harsh winter...

After Ryoshin cleaned up, he got dressed for bed in a cute pink night dress that Hanayuki had in her closet, sense everything else in it was cute, he had no choice of what to wear and goes to sleep.

::END OF - - - DAY 1::
:: If I messed up on the Japanese, please tell me ::

The first day, Ryoshin never thought how hard the life of a princess can be even from watching it from afar.

This is going to at lease be a 7 part story given of what happens in each day until the princess returns from her secret journey.
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Zoogoo40 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"removing any parts that make him a man"
Make should be made. Other then that, alright. I personally like the Role-play type setup.
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I meant k instead of the d
LightOfTheConfused Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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Zoogoo40 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"</i>removing any parts that make him a man</i>"
Make should be made. Other then that, alright. I personally like the Role-play type setup.
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